PacMan, BiPlane, 2 Bridges-Grant

PacMan, BiPlane, 2 Bridges-Grant

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1- PacMan Complex (Same as Photo)
1- BiPlane (Same as Photo)
1- 60″ Bridge (Onyx Stain/Twine)
1- 100″Bridge (Onyx Stain/Twine)

The PacMan Complex is the largest complex we’ve made to date.  It comes with wall vinyls to place around the complex. Our cats love the Vertical Sisal Pole, but we always had to set up our walls to give them a route down once they got up to the top. For the Pacman we combine 10 20″ Vertical Sisal Poles with some of our other pieces so that the route down is built into the complex.

We use a caramel colored sisal for this complex. We can also you our white if you request in the comments section at checkout. Having the hammocks attached to the bottom of the sisal poles allow cats to stretch and claw the poles from the bottom. Having sisal pieces around our home has completely stopped our cats from scratching the furniture. It’s a great alternative to declawing.

This piece is mounted among four studs, spaced 16″ apart. (If your studs are spaced differently, let us know before ordering and, if necessary, we’ll build you a custom piece accordingly for an additional fee.)

All of the brackets come attached for easy installation. All of our furniture also comes with screws and drywall anchors.

*Please note: This is a very difficult piece to mount. It took me about 4 hours to mount. You are definitely going to need an extra person, to help you with holding the shelves while you mount the pole. Also it helps to have a ruler to help space the shelves properly.

Shown is a PacMan complex with Onyx stained wood and black fabric.

We have new easy-to-wash, waterproof marine canvas! With this fabric, cat hair and other debris wipes off quickly with a wet towel If you want this option, just select a fabric that says “Waterproof” in the drop-down. There’s no extra charge for this option.

Dimensions- 92″h x 65.5″w x 11″

*We are currently working on pricing for International shipping and that will be available soon.

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